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Every morning Pa went cheerfully whistling to the field… Now he carried a sack of corn fastened to his belt, and as he plowed he threw grains of corn into the furrow beside the plow's point. Results showed that nearly 90% of the yield loss associated with delayed corn harvest occurred when delays extended beyond mid-November. I had already settled on Texas Honey June (sand hill ) for my sweet” corn because of its proported resistance to corn earworm (tight long husks), I am looking for the same characteristic in a dent or flint corn.

The additional fiber has good digestibility (55 to 70%) if snaplage is harvested in the proper moisture range (Soderlund et al., 2006). Many common corn disease pathogens such as Diplodia, Fusarium and Gibberella can attack both stalks and ears. We harvested about 40 acres near 30% and didn't harvest anything else until 3 weeks later.

Initial investment is relatively low, and many field operations - such as land preparation, planting and harvesting - can be custom-hired. A Purdue University article cited that yield losses of 0.6% to 1.6% per point of moisture can occur from leaving corn to dry in the field.

As far as companion plants, corn and potatoes do fine, although corn is a heavy feeder, while potatoes are medium feeders and do better without as much nitrogen (which encourages foliage rather than tuber formation). In addition, no-till reduces soil moisture loss early in the season so more water is available for corn growth later in the season.

To protect corn from birds cover ears with paper bags after pollination. Stalk rots, wind storms and other challenges throughout the year may mean you have down corn. For farmers, sweet corn is a great cash crop if managed properly. The best way to prevent second party incidents is to keep all individuals, especially children, not involved in the harvest far away from the corn harvesting operation.

Harvest times can vary a great deal because different corn hybrids take different lengths of time to mature. Experience shows that in a typical year corn silage at this stage dries How To Make Corn approximately 0.5 % per day. Corn silage preserved between 30 and 40% DM (60 to 70% moisture) generally provides good silage fermentation and animal performance.

A number of Pennsylvania farmers lose fingers, hands, arms, and even feet in corn harvesting equipment (Photo 1) each year and some lose their lives. Determining the proper time to harvest corn for silage is critical because it influences the overall quality of the product that is preserved and stored in the silo.

To evaluate harvest decisions for wind damaged fields, producers need to look at expected yield levels, excess harvest losses during field drying, their contract or selling price for corn and a fixed drying cost for their system. For example, consider a potential corn yield of 150 bushels per acre, harvest loss of 5 percent and a selling price of $5.50 per bushel.

Finally, consider a "worst case" scenario at the same yield and price levels where excess harvest losses are 15% and down corn is as high as 30 percent moisture, the cost of harvest losses would be $123.75 per acre but only $79.37 would be needed to dry the crop, so even at this high moisture the savings would be $44.38 per acre.

In addition to desirable average levels of grade factors, the 2016 U.S. corn crop is entering the market channel with higher average test weight, kernel volume, oil concentration, and whole kernels, and lower broken corn and foreign material and stress cracks relative to the 5YA.

Downtime Tracking Software Can Be Fun For Anyone

You want machine utilization and efficiency data. Tracker helps you understand the real-time sequence requirements, and handle situations that occur on the plant floor when the sequence is broken. Configuration tools enable you to define important downtime types and there is a way to set the machine's active hours of operation to eliminate nuisance alerts.

It is particularly important to define the difference between down time (an OEE Availability Loss) and small stops (an OEE Performance Loss). If you're tracking downtime manually, let Thrive do the work for you. Reducing down time and increasing efficiency in your manufacturing facility can be as simple as investing in a good technology foundation.

Available for PC's, tablets and Smartphones, these apps give users live, accurate information about their machines, enabling them to make the fast decisions necessary to maintain maximum productivity. This is something many manufacturers track for compliance reasons.

What is known is that almost every factory loses at least five percent of its production capacity from downtime, and many lose up to 20 percent. Another important process manufacturers like to monitor is the performance of their production lines. Create new business models that offer predictive maintenance and performance monitoring for the equipment you produce, delivering a richer customer experience.

Your interactions with OEMs can be a major cost factor in downtime as well as other areas. The objective of creating and maintaining a good process centerline application is to monitor performance of a production line to minimize variation and avoid outages like Defects and Downtime.

With a combined effort, correct equipment, and good atmosphere you can significantly reduce downtime in your manufacturing plants. The TSS production monitoring system is ready-to-install for most applications, but can also be customized for a particular application.

Condition monitoring, or predictive maintenance, is a detailed but rewarding method to help prevent process downtime in your factory or plant. User error is one of the top causes of downtime on a production line. This newsletter describes how to track downtime (and overall equipment efficiency) using control charts and Pareto diagrams.

Machines in the production process leading up to the disrupted asset may continue operating as well. We found that the machine monitoring system was accounting for cycles that the production report but our actual people were not. Armed with the proper feedback, employees stay motivated to increase their areas of strength, but also fight to reduce manufacturing downtime.

Try to optimize maintenance costs over time and adjust your target accordingly. Sensors in machines can push data through advanced algorithms to uncover trends and issues faster than ever. Manufacturing efficiency can often be greatly improved by identifying the real reasons and true extent of production stoppages, constraints or bottlenecks caused by machine downtime.

A common data logging application is measuring voltage and current flowing into or out of a piece of equipment, such as a user monitoring current in wind turbines. Also here a Downtime Tracking Software Pareto graph is included to show the counts and durations of utilization states by reason groups, and reasons codes for this equipment.

The ECS Downtime Management module enables the collection and tracking of downtime information and causes, as well as real-time communication with equipment and personnel involved. By working with your teams we will implement cutting edge monitoring solutions with the processes to improve OEE and get real long term results.

10 Naked Cakes You Have To See

Moist Caramel Cake Slathered with Salted Caramel Italian Meringue Buttercream. Top with another cake layer and repeat with the icing and remaining layers. Just pour some in a bowl, add a little bit of sugar to sweeten it, and beat it until it's thick and fluffy. Unadorned by flowers and berries, this naked cake from Cacao Sweets & Treats in Grayslake, Illinois is both simple and lux at the same time thanks to a generous helping of melted salted caramel.

Spread about half of the frosting over first layer of cake then drizzle and spread a fair spoonful of the caramel sauce over the frosting. Remove and allow to cool on a baking rack for 10 minutes. No matter what you are celebrating from graduation parties, teacher appreciation celebrations, birthday parties to Mother's Day this Naked Chocolate Cake with Salted Caramel Frosting will be a star.

Top with second layer of cake and the rest of the frosting. Wrap the cakes in plastic wrap and place the icing in an airtight container in the fridge. Use dessert sauces to decorate layer cakes, Bundt cakes, and pound cakes. In a separate mixing bowl, combine the flour and baking powder, then add into the wet mixture, and beat until just combined.

A simple Swiss meringue buttercream with caramel added into it is the perfect compliment to this Caramel Apple Cake. Buttercream is like a blank canvas and you can really turn it into any flavor you'd like. Add vanilla and then eggs, 1 at a time, beating well after each.

Often credited as the original naked cake trendsetters, Momofuku Milk Bar offers wedding cakes in 13 decadent flavors including dulce de leche, salted pretzel, and mint cookies n' cream. Remove from the heat and cool 15 minutes before garnishing cake. Allow to cool in the pans and on a cooling rack for 20 minutes and then remove from pans to continue the cooling process.

The contrast between a dark chocolate cake and stark white icing is stunning to say the least. Now it's time to make the buttercream. So, to answer your questions… I think this recipe will actually make two 10×13 cakes. Let cakes cool in pan for at least 10 minutes before inverting onto a wire rack.

Mousse, cream, custard and cream cheese based frostings are incredibly soft, and as they come to room temperature will bulge from the layers of the cake. Remove from heat, and add heavy cream, butter and bourbon, if using, a little at a time as you constantly whisk.

You could also go with two 9″ layers instead if you don't mind sacrificing a layer of frosting in the middle. You can make this cake smaller by only going two layers instead of four, especially if this is the first layered cake you make, and honestly, it will look just as good.

This festive vegan gingerbread naked cake with generous caramel frosting layers and sugared cranberries on top makes a beautiful dessert for the holidays or anytime in winter. If you'd like an additional hit of caramel, how to make caramel you can drizzle some onto the buttercream on each layer.

Combine the butter, sugar, water and salt in a sauce pan, over medium heat and mix until the butter has melted. Using a fork, lightly beat the egg whites and the egg in a bowl, then add the coconut cream, vanilla and coconut extract and whisk until well combined.

Roblox Hack How To Get Free Robux This 2017 Using Our Generator

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Acre and Acres Can Be Fun For Anyone

Chandigarh Citi Center is the biggest shopping center in the heart of the city Zirakpur.Chandigarh City Center Offers Retail Showrooms,Shops,Offices,Serveiced Apartments ,Soho etc. Chandigarh citi center can offer a wholesome retail experience to the residents of zirakpur and around. Chandigarh Citi Center (Zirakpur) is all about world-class architecture encompassing a host of amazing features that makes it an unbeatable choice ahead of the competitors.

This pin code is of Chandigarh Citi Center Zirakpur Punjab India. Before we move on to tell you the exact location, please make sure that you do not confuse Chandigarh Citi Center with the word City Center. CCC - Chandigarh Citi Center DANDIYA NIGHT book your own commercial unit with CCC & get assured return 12% plus Renault kwid, Honda Activa, Iphone X, 55" led.

A residential sale has been on the upper side and this has made it an important hub of Chandigarh properties. Chandigarh Citi Center will have a parking space of over 2000+ cars. The developers of Chandigarh Citi Center Zirakpur want whenever people think about or seek for the entertainment then this name comes first on the people's minds.

We guess he name Chandigarh Citi Center will really be worth as it will enhance the beauty of our city and something of this kind was much required in the tricity. If we talk about such a concept than Elante is a place where we have a mall, a hotel named Hyatt and office spaces.

Zirakpur is recognized ad dynamic and prosperous centre of North India, the Tricity area of Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali. Chandigarh Citi Center is structured on 10 acres of effectively designed and well-manicured land, giving shoppers, nearby residents, and business owners the benefit of sharing in a setting that is both stunning and magnanimous.

All the CCC retail units provide a wide display space, allowing the showcase of an array of products. Sophisticated and urbane, spacious and accommodating, elegant and well designed - the 10 acre complex will have ample parking space, refreshing ambience and offer a world class shopping and serivce experience.

Located on 80 ft wide road next to NH 22 , Chandigarh Delhi national highway spread over 10 acres with 670 feet wide frontage get more info and close to possession CCC is poised to be the busiest commercial hub of Zirakpur.Ideally planned products for retail and professionals to carry on commercial activities with a catchment of 1 lakh families in the immediate vicinity and another 4 lakhs in unique features like amphitheatre ,art gallery,Medi hub and lush greens CCC will attract immense footfall.A wide range of products like retail showrooms,professional suites,residential suites,shops and offices to suit all requirements.Fully furnished with minimum loading and no hidden charges this is an ideal commercial investment.

Zirakpur has witnessed a massive rise in this new age affluent middle class giving rise to best residential projects and upscale retail outlets like Haldirams, Gopal's, Sindhi's, Big Bazaar, Metro, Best Price and Decathlon. The” Biggest Commercial Plaza of Zirakpur is a living example of 4 - in - 1 concept that houses RETAIL, OFFICE, and PROFESSIONAL AND RESIDENTIAL SUITES under single roofTriple Height Shopping arcade invites visitors for a tasteful buying.

Another important location that carries the tag of being an important center for property near Chandigarh. Zirakpur has come to become one of the region's most iconic residential and commercial destinations. Chandigarh Citi Center (Zirakpur) offers the most affordable retail solutions at a promising location with low land cost and increasing habitance.

In these 10-acre projects, every possible arrangement made that helps keep life in a comfortable and healthy way, such as for a 700-meter footpath walking, parking of 200 cars, flats in zirakpur ready to move to reach Chandigarh airport in 10 min, with this, the entire system of campus Wi-Fi is available in view of the technical.

There are a total of 56 sectors in Chandigarh that are further divided into four parts — A, B, C and D — by a V-4 road (meandering shopping streets) running from east to west and a V-5 (sector circulation roads) road running from north to south. Chandigarh Citi Center is a place to look forward to…a place with a sense of belonging; a unique concept of commercial, retail & residential clubbed together.

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